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Cognitive biases and some good and bad investment habits

In my previous blogs, I walked through my portfolio history to give a feel for how I decide my allocations. I hope also that you will get out of this is a feeling for my cognitive biases and people‚Äôs generally. I have a number of observations to make about good and bad habits, some learnt from others, some from my own bad experience. For any of you who have read about behavioural finance some of this will be very familiar. ..

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What is blockchain? And how can it make a positive impact to global issues?

Blockchain is the big buzzword in financial services at the moment. You may have been to a number of blockchain conferences, forums and seminars where  you've found yourself surrounded by slightly bemused bankers, lawyers and other professionals who are all excited to be part of this next great innovation in FinTech. But it seems few, if any, of the attendees arrive or leave knowing what blockchain actually is, what applications it will have, or when.  ..

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