Open Course: Singapore

We understand that not all organisations have the size or budget to warrant running in-house financial training courses.

The cost of tutorials for only one or two delegates can be prohibitive – but at Capital City Training Ltd, we do not believe this should hinder your company’s growth, nor slow down the professional development of your brightest minds.

To cater to a wider variety of businesses, our trainers have developed a series of finance open courses, all of which are endorsed under the CISI CPD Scheme.

Covering a wide range of topics – from the basics of asset and wealth management through to comprehensive introductions to financial modelling – these accessible programmes deliver core theory knowledge in the context of real-life scenarios to provide attendees with a greater understanding of the inner workings of the financial sector.

What you will learn

This program provides delegates with:

A solid understanding of key statistical measures and how they are determined;
The ability to use simple statistical sampling and inference techniques to provide compelling arguments;
The ability to confidently interpret and argue cases on the back of presented information;
A framework to question data sources and interpretation;
An understanding of behavioural biases – and how to spot them and avoid them; and
Guidance on how to present and communicate with data in a compelling way using visualisation as well as statistics.

Course Entry Requirements
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Context and purpose of the training assessment process
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Trainers’ / Assessors’ qualifications and relevant work experiences
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IBF Standards certification requirements and application procedures
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Venue(s) for training / assessment
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Government funding/subsidy
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Transfer / withdrawal / refund policy
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Reassessment and appeals procedures
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Alignment to international standards CISI accredited
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Fees and charges