The aim of the course is to provide delegates an insight into the daily life and thinking process of their customers: the corporate treasurer and his/her

By going through the process of establishing a Corporate Treasury function, the Corporate Treasury governance environment and the daily activities of a
treasurer, the participants from the bank will be able to better understand the thinking process of a Corporate entity.

Course attendees will leave the training programme with a better understanding of their corporate customers and therefore be able to tailor solutions targeting
corporate customers.

To this end delegates will:

  • understand their corporate clients
  • understand best practice corporate treasury corporate government issues
  • understand the latest cash management & liquidity techniques used by a corporate client
  • understand limitations of the corporate client in investments and trading
  • understand the use of fintech by a corporate client over banking solutions

Who should attend?

  • Credit Analysts
  • Credit Managers
  • Global Relationship Banking
  • Senior Management
  • Bank Trade Finance Staff
  • Treasury Desk Staff
  • Wholesale Banking Staff
  • Finance/Treasury Consultants
  • Treasury and Banking Software Developers


  • New trends in Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Corporate funding decision making process
  • Surplus cash decision making process
  • Daily activities of a Corporate Treasurer
  • Thinking process of a Corporate Treasurer
  • A day in the life of a Corporate Treasurer