Training in a post-COVID market

Like many of our clients, Capital City Training Ltd has been activating its business continuity plan in line with new government guidance to help our partners and delegates adapt as we undergo what is undoubtedly a challenging time for all.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, travel and work restrictions have been imposed locally and internationally. But this doesn’t mean that you and your staff should struggle to gain access to quality financial training. We have circumvented these limitations by developing a broader suite of free virtual seminars covering a wide range of financial topics. We have also worked hard to ensure that all pre-booked, paid-for courses have been adjusted into digital format and rescheduled as necessary.

What we offer

Our expanded e learning tools and virtual classrooms are well and truly open for business. All our programmes can be delivered remotely via Zoom or Skype and, as you would expect, can be tailored according to your preferences and security requirements. Our trainers have extensive experience in delivering classroom-style training using web-based facilities, so disruption to training schemes has been minimal, and all digital training sessions have been well received. Our additional range of free virtual seminars are also serving to ensure our clients can update their knowledge whenever they need to, regardless of their current abilities.

Contacting us

As a team, our staff are all working remotely – but we remain contactable for any queries or concerns you may have. You can get in touch with us using the details here.

Our free virtual sessions

8th April – 11:15AM (BST): Excel Skills Seminar – Sign up to the webinar 
16th April – 11:15AM (BST): Accounting Under IFRS16

Please look out for an email with further details of these sessions and feel free to circulate to any colleagues who may be interested.

Later this year we will be (re)launching two programmes in partnerships with the London Stock Exchange Group:

  • “Finance for the non-finance manager”
  • “How do lenders assess your credit risk? how do they behave in distress?  How can you manage the risks?”.

Both of these modules will be available as classroom and e-learning/digital packages

If only we had relaunched these 6 months earlier!

During the course of next  few weeks, we will be getting in  touch to talk about rescheduling and reformatting booked classroom courses into digital or webinar-based deliveries.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with regards to booked classroom training and for any other training concerns that we may be able to help with.