Investing – the simpler way

In Mark’s blog Confessions of a Private Investor, he laid out his position as a top-down investor, with rebalanced asset allocation according to economic / market cycles. The momentum style used to select funds that he invests in does have a lot of sense to it - selling the losers, picking up the winners and

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New E-Learning Opportunities with Capital City Training & Consulting

Are you looking to enhance your financial knowledge and skills? Or are you seeking cost-effective training for your staff? Our new e-learning platform is the simple and convenient way to access our expert-led foundation courses. Offering training via our e-learning platform is the ideal solution for employers who want to provide their employees with high-quality, cost-effective

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Graduate Training Season 2018: an Interview with Capital City Training

It’s been a lively start to the graduate season for Capital City Training.  Whilst the team accustomed to training with banks and in classes across the world, this most recent conference was one of the largest they had ever put together. In three days of a week-long conference for an international bank, CCT took over

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The Thought That Counts

Through its recent publications, FCA is starting to tell us how it will handle Brexit in practice. Wisely they continue to steer away from the politics, but quite rightly make clear their practical preferences – FCA’s job is, after all, to ensure that markets work well. Major disruptions and contract discontinuity might not quite fit

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