Volatile year puts investors at high risk of emotional errors

Extreme market volatility is underlining the importance to investors of staying disciplined and avoiding damaging emotional mistakes. Stock markets have experienced unprecedented swings this year, with share prices pinging up and down like a pinball in reaction to good and bad news around the Covid-19 pandemic, US elections, and energy market developments. Despite optimistic stories

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The sad waste of bright talent due to poor data visualisation skills

With data volumes growing 50 times in the last decade, using visualisation to present information effectively has become a critical skill. If your staff lack this skill, they will drift like flotsam on a sea of big data. Your company will lose its message in the noise; the digital age will leave you behind; and

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Under the bonnet of a fund

New Excel tools help investors see true value of funds Spreadsheet data extraction enables better fund holdings analysis – what you find might surprise you. When you buy an investment fund, do you know exactly what you are buying and whether it is cheap or expensive? It is seductive to see a graph of good

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Is statistical ignorance choking us?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it brutally clear that politicians struggle to understand simple statistics. But they are not alone – too many businesspeople are also ignorant of basic statistical methods, or accept the integrity of sources unquestioningly. Such misunderstandings can easily damage profits or growth prospects in your company, given the increasing reliance on

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Creditors must guard against a wave of dirty tricks in the pandemic

Investors and lenders risk being caught out by a wave of corporate dirty tricks as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause financial mayhem. You will see them in all sizes of companies – from Sheffield Wednesday suffering a 12-point penalty for reporting the sale of its ground in the wrong year, to Kraft Heinz restating

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How to avoid the Covid bear-trap of bad debt

Act-1 of the COVID crisis drew to a close with the end of lockdown and the start of "back to the (new) normal", as we rushed to the beach and booked package holidays. Act-2 is now beginning and the prospect of new restrictions and the uncertain timing of the end of furlough present us with

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Don’t get burned by zero-based budgeting

As the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across global economies, companies are cutting costs ruthlessly to survive. But it can be dangerous to do this if your staff do not have the right financial training. A good example is zero-based budgeting (ZBB), a radical technique that some companies may consider adopting during the pandemic. With ZBB,

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