Confessions of a private investor

I have been managing my own money for over 15 years: in 2000, I gave up the safety of a bank salary and non-contributory pension to lead a management buyout.  I found myself with a couple of legacy final salary entitlements and a small pension pot in “Zombie” fund manager, Phoenix Group.  My pension manager

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My portfolio: you win some you lose some

Last time I blogged I talked about my top down approach to asset allocation and how I used the Salty Dog data www.saltydoginvestor.com.  What should your investment horizon be? The Salty approach seems to promote churning. Buy when performing, sell when not, then reinvest. I would like to emphasise that I don’t “actively trade”, I

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Insights Discovery at Capital City Training & Consulting

The success of any business is based on the performance of its people. Capital City Training and Consulting (CCTC) is delighted to be able to offer Insights Discovery profiling. Insights provides people development programmes that help companies all over the world get the very best from their people. CCTC help people to perform at their

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Is your firm paying the apprenticeship levy?

Claim it back through training! It has been over two years since the UK government announced it would introduce the Apprenticeship Levy, and as of April 2017 it has now come into effect. If you are a business with a wage bill of over £3m per annum (including bonuses and pension contributions), then you will

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What is blockchain? And how can it make a positive impact to global issues?

Blockchain is the big buzzword in financial services at the moment. You may have been to a number of blockchain conferences, forums and seminars where  you've found yourself surrounded by slightly bemused bankers, lawyers and other professionals who are all excited to be part of this next great innovation in FinTech. But it seems few,

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Cognitive biases and some good and bad investment habits

In my previous blogs, I walked through my portfolio history to give a feel for how I decide my allocations. I hope also that you will get out of this is a feeling for my cognitive biases and people’s generally. I have a number of observations to make about good and bad habits, some learnt

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How Advances in Digital Technology Have Changed the Way We Train, and New Starters Learn

Keeping up with advances in technology can sometimes feel a daunting task. The speed with which the digital world has evolved in the past 20 years alone is staggering. Technology has become integral to our lives in so many ways and new advances are something that as a society we are asked to readily embrace

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Corporate Distress: An Ongoing Problem

Once again there are rumblings and warnings of a fresh financial crisis along the lines of 2008. Banks are supposedly better regulated now, and have generally lower corporate lending levels. Potential banking fallout should therefore be less dramatic than that witnessed in the period following 2008. However, this will not stop a number of banks

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Remedies of a Healthy Patient

One thing that FCA is good at is trailing its views. So it is that the Asset Management Market Study Final Report contains no real surprises. But lack of surprise does not mean lack of impact. These measures will certainly have that, especially on the pockets of fund managers. And not so much as a

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