Accounting & Analysis


Accounting & Analysis

completion time approximately 20 hours



The course is aimed at analysts with little accounting knowledge, or as a refresher of key concepts. It aims to teach delegates how to analyse and interpret company accounts, not how to be an accountant! Beginning with the primary accounting overview the course explains what the accounts ‘ headings’ mean in commercial and practical terms and how the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow are linked together in the “accounting flow”.

Downloadable exercises, with full video de-briefs, will allow delegates to understand how the operations of the business and the cash cycle in a business drive the “shape” of the accounts and the company’s ability to generate cash (or not!).

Delegates will learn how to calculate and interpret key operating and performance metrics used in valuation and credit assessment. The course will also show delegates the most common accounting adjustments made to these metrics to make them comparable across companies with interesting corporate structures, for example involving pension deficits and leasing for example.

This course is equally relevant to people in management and accounting in a corporate context and analysts, investors and managers in banks and financial institutions.


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