Capital’s experienced accounting and analysis team is expert at communicating technical subjects relevant to your specific role. We are at ease conveying our knowledge and skills to a variety of audiences, including analysts, associates, managers, directors and accountants.

We have in-depth knowledge of accounting standards and how they are applied. The team is also experienced in accounting and taxation for various specialised industrial and financial sectors.

The outlines below are examples of some of our accounting courses. Click here to download a comprehensive list of courses or contact us to request a detailed outline or proposal tailored to your specific accounting needs.

Course Name Level Duration More
Core Accounting and Analysis Introductory 3 Days Details
Accounting for M&A Introductory 3 Hours Details
Accounting for Financial Products Introductory 3 Hours Details
The problem with leases…. Accounting under IFRS16 Introductory 1.5 Hours Details