Capital City Training Ltd offers a comprehensive suite of corporate finance and valuation training courses to help delegates further their knowledge of commonly accepted theories and practices.

Our world-class programmes have been developed from a strong technical base of international accounting expertise and are supported by up-to-date knowledge and considerable commercial and industrial experience. 

From understanding discounted cash flow (DCF) methods to exploring investment appraisal techniques and capital structure combinations, our corporate finance courses cover a range of key topics through the lens of practical analysis. We use Excel models wherever possible to reinforce the many aspects of the subject, and we enable our trainees to explore the many ramifications of the various assumptions involved in model-building. 

By using in-depth case studies, our courses bring the subject of company valuation out of the textbook and into real-life focus. These certified schemes also introduce the latest techniques involved in contemporary equity analysis and the regulatory requirements involved in listings or acquisitions. 

Our teams can deliver these courses in traditional classroom-style. However, post-COVID-19, we have invested heavily in our e-learning platform and are pleased to provide delegates with the opportunity to learn corporate finance online in an engaging and highly interactive web environment.

Who should attend?

Our corporate finance courses and valuation training programmes are typically undertaken by:

  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • M&A managers
  • Anybody involved in financial analysis or who plays an important role in reaching executive-level investment decisions

Our corporate finance courses

Below is an example of one of our introductory valuation courses. To request a more detailed course outline that has been tailored to your specific educational requirements, contact Capital City Training Ltd today.

Introduction to Valuation (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to teach delegates the principle practical techniques used in company valuation for equity analysis and corporate finance valuation. During the two days delegates will use both DCF and comparables to value a business and will be introduced to best practice establishing key variables such as Beta and terminal growth rates.
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