Derivatives use has grown tremendously over the last 10 years. Whether it’s the Investment Manager using them to manage portfolio risk, reduce dealing costs or enhance returns; the Corporate Treasurer using currency derivatives to manage transaction risk; or the Prop Trader using them to provide leverage and low-cost exposure, it’s impossible to avoid these powerful financial instruments.

However, derivatives can increase the volatility of our financial markets, which is why those who trade with them need to have an in-depth appreciation of not only the way they work, but how their risks can be successfully measured, monitored and counterbalanced.

Capital City Training Ltd boasts a team of experienced financial professionals who provide comprehensive training on all aspects of derivatives and their application risk management, from Derivative 101s through to the use of structured derivative products and option trading strategies in all asset classes. Our training courses cover many important topics and have been developed to frame derivatives in terms of a business’ valuations, operations and accounting practices.

Our derivatives programmes also provide practical applications and modelling examples where required to illustrate how these contracts can be used in real-life circumstances.

Who should attend?

Our financial derivatives management courses are suitable for:

  • Investment managers
  • Corporate treasurers
  • Traders
  • Risk analysts
  • Regulatory professionals

Our finance financial derivatives and risk management courses

All current programmes are listed below. Please note that our derivatives and risk management training courses can be tailored to suit your team’s own learning requirements – simply contact us today to request a detailed outline or proposal.

FX Options and Structured Products (Introductory)

This one day course will establish participants’ understanding of FX option-based products
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Life Cycle of a Derivative Trade (Introductory)

With derivatives now being a part of everyday financial exposure to corporates, investors and banks, we have seen an increasing desire for our clients to get their middle and back office teams up to speed with how derivatives are processed.
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Interest Rate Derivatives (Introductory)

This one-day course is designed to unlock the mystery of interest rate derivatives. It will cover swaps, forwards, futures and options.
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Introduction to Derivatives (Introductory)

This half-day course is designed to provide a fast-track introduction to the main derivative contacts and their uses by investment managers.
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Swaps Workshop (Introductory)

This 5-hour workshop is designed to provide a fast-track review of the main types of swap contracts and how they are used by their clients in retail funds under the wider powers of UCITS III.
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Advanced Options (Introductory)

This workshop is designed to provide an in-depth explanation of options, their pricing, factors affecting option prices and how they are used in institutional portfolios and retail funds.
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