One of Capital’s key strengths is the breadth and depth of its modeling faculty of experienced practitioners.

We have excellent insight into the diverse applications for which models are used and the problems faced by developers in each of these areas.

As well as training, Capital is also a developer and our models are currently in use in leading City institutions as analytical templates. We are consequently keenly aware of the dilemma and pitfalls that organisations face in trying to implement standard models and also in building tailored project specific models.

Capital is able to provide an integrated model analysis, design, development and operator/analyst training package.

Capital’s suite of courses provides a modular and staged approach to modelling training. We begin with courses which train key Excel skills and the development of useful building blocks for models. These then progress to our “transaction series” of courses, which are built around hands-on application focused model-building case studies.

The outlines below are examples of some of our core modelling courses. Click here to download a comprehensive list of courses or contact us to request a detailed outline or proposal tailored to your specific modelling needs.

Financial modelling is a crucial skill for any project development team. The model is central to the decision process and the success of the project depends on it. Unfortunately project models tend to be highly complex due to the detailed nature of cost and revenue drivers. They need to be robust and easy to amend in the final hectic stages of tender submission. Projects therefore require the highest level of skill, accuracy and rigour in modelling.

The course is aimed at modellers and project sponsors and advisors generally. The aim is to give a solid technical base to the modellers, a toolbox of techniques to help them implement successfully and methods to manage quality in their work. More broadly the aim is to give project participants a better understanding of the mechanics of models, the linkages between inputs and results and the design and tender structuring process. Over the two days the delegates will build a model for a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project and use the model to structure the financing package and a bid for the project. Through the process delegates will learn modelling Best Practice and a robust process for model specification, design and implementation.

Course Name Level Duration More
Practical Financial Modelling Foundation/Intermediate 2 Days Details
LBO Modelling Specialist/Advanced 1 Day Details
Merger Modelling Specialist/Advanced 1 Day Details
Excel Skills for Financial Modelling 1 Day Details
Excel Skills Seminar 1.5 Hours Details