External feedback indicates to us that much of the training around financial risk and industry regulations is considered to be dull, dry or boring. Though we recognise that financial risk courses are not the most exciting or stimulating of programmes, we are committed to ensuring our delegates are able to retain information on these important topics by delivering learning initiatives on these topics that are participative, challenging, and above all, enjoyable.

We provide financial risk management training for delegates at all levels, from entry-level staff to risk managers, asset managers and even senior directors who want to strengthen their knowledge and gain a better understanding of how different methodologies are used to regulate capital and liquidity requirements.

Although we do offer standardised financial risk training templates, all our courses can be tailored to the learning needs of your organisation with the use of case studies from the company or its peers. We know from experience that practical, real-life examples of risk mitigation in action can help to illustrate key points and facilitate more meaningful discussion. In fact, in many cases, our regulatory courses inspire delegates to develop suggestions that will increase the effectiveness of their internal compliance procedures in the future.

Who should attend?

Our financial risk courses will benefit anyone who wants to gain a broader understanding of how risks are categorised and monitored within banks and other financial institutions. They will specifically benefit:

  • Financial managers
  • Senior managers
  • Directors
  • Asset managers
  • Risk managers
  • Credit analysts
  • Internal auditors
  • Compliance staff

Our financial risk management courses

Click here to download a comprehensive list of our current courses or contact our team directly to discuss your training requirements and obtain a more detailed proposal.