Capital City Training Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of courses for corporate treasury professionals. Our treasury and risk faculty boasts many years’ experience in delivering tailored, impactful training initiatives that serve to improve delegates’ knowledge of corporate finance and cash management within different types of banks and corporates, and better equip existing and aspiring treasurers for their role at the very core of their institution’s financial operations.

Topics covered range from basic corporate treasury management – for example, cash and liquidity management, trade finance, and financial risk management – through to operating contemporary treasury management systems and employing current techniques within the organisation and control environment. Programmes also cover aspects of the financial risks that companies can be exposed to, specifically in terms of operations, counterparties, liquidities and external market conditions.

Who should attend?

Our corporate treasury management training courses are designed for:

  • Treasury managers
  • Treasury analysts
  • Cash managers
  • Bank sales staff
  • Financial service providers

Our treasury courses

The outlines below are examples of our core treasury and risk management training courses.

Click here to download a comprehensive list of the programmes that are currently available or contact us to request a detailed proposal tailored to your specific treasury and risk management needs.

Cash and Liquidity Management (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to teach delegates the principal practical techniques used in cash and liquidity management.
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Cash Forecasting Fundamentals (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to teach delegates the basic principles involved in cash flow forecasting, from an understanding of the Cash Conversion Cycle to the hands-on design based on case studies or their own organisation.
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Corporate Treasury for Financial Institutions (Introductory)

TThe aim of the course is to provide delegates an insight into the daily life and thinking process of their customers: the corporate treasurer and his/her department.
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Corporate Treasury Organisation and Control (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to teach delegates the practical fundamentals of corporate governance and control in a (corporate) treasury department.
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Introduction to Treasury Management Systems (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to teach delegates the practical background to treasury management systems (‘TMS’) and the processes and best practices relating to the selection and implementation of a system.
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Supply Chain Finance (Advanced)

The aim of the course is to provide a detailed overview of the current state of Supply Chain Finance, and its development from traditional Trade Finance solutions to state of the art Supply Chain Finance solutions.
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Trade Finance (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to teach delegates the theoretical background to Trade Finance, combined with actual working and case studies.
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