Taking a step forward with better streaming: Zoom in particular has significantly improved the potential experience of online training. Zoom begins to give us more of the interactivity which is the hallmark of the classroom and which has been a feature missing from previous generations of webinar technology. Having delegates with webcams and name tags allows dialog rather than the monolog of old and when allied with polling technolog, interaction between delegates and trainer develops naturally as it does in the classroom. In short it’s a revolution. Screen sharing with delegates also allows the facilitator to help out in real time in practical case studies such as Excel model building.

Cost benefits and the ability to tailor

Particularly in the current environment going virtual is the only way to get training done with a classroom or seminar feel. We can vary the model of delivery “in class”– engaging in team exercises, technical exercises, debate and group discussion. It’s not a million miles away from “real classroom training”.

As with all of our training our programmes can be tailored for in-house programmes and the particular audience we are training.