We at Capital City Training are delighted to deliver Finance for the Non-Financial Manager. A challenge for all organisations is aligning staff behind strategy. If staff don’t understand the significance of an initiative or see the bigger picture, then this won’t happen.

Even at the board level we meet again and again senior staff with a narrow technical expertise, but without all the tools and expertise to be fully effective. Our programme aims to give board members, managers and staff enough accounting knowledge and commercial insight to help them be more effective and focused in putting your strategy into effect. In short, we’ll cut through the jargon. Make sense of the numbers. Help staff make informed decisions.

Who should attend?

This one-day course has been designed to appeal to the following professionals:

  • General business managers
  • Project managers
  • Non-finance decision-makers
  • Department and the team head
  • Marketing. IT, Operations, HR, Sales
  • Presenters of financial budgets
  • All those individuals responsible for decision making with any financial consequence
  • Anyone who wants to better understand finance and what numbers drive strategy.

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The choice is yours

Physical public classroom, tailored, eLearning or virtual classroom? Particularly given the current social restrictions, classroom training may not be appealing or practical. Equally you may have an urgent requirement or want to tailor  the programme to use it as part of a broader strategy awareness initiative.  We will be happy to support you in whichever format you wish to run your programme:

Tailored in-house course

Tailored training is CCT’s speciality and our faculty have extensive experience of tailoring
and integrating together both technical and management development programmes. We will be happy to run a private programme for you in person or through the virtual classroom. Once you have a group of 5-6 delegates the economies of running a private, in-house programme can be significant.
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Capital City’s self-study courses allow you to flexibly undertake our programmes in your own time and at your own pace. The finance for the non-financial manager programme is available as a distance learning package through our capital-e.co.uk platform. We also provide access to classroom participants as an additional post-course reference resource.
Digital Learning Platform

Virtual Classroom

All of our programme can be provided via virtual classroom using Zoom or WebEx or indeed whichever of the platforms -Teams, Adobe etc. that you prefer to use. Improving technology means that the experience of a “Virtual Classroom” today is very different to our experience of WebEx and the like in the “noughties”:  All these platforms are much more engaging owing to the enhanced interactivity of which I’m sure you are aware. For instance, we and /or the delegates can:

  • a. participate with camera / mic (we encourage it);
  • b. use  polling questions (to engage all delegates);
  • c. submit questions via a ‘chat’ facility. Questions can be then ‘purged’ by the instructor at the appropriate break in the flow;
  • d. share screens both ways if delegates have problems to be worked through with the instructor;
  • e. work through Excel / technical exercises in “Break-out rooms” during the sessions. The tutor can drop into individual groups  and answer questions as delegates work through;
  • f. record and watch the session again(not on mobile devices). ;

Our virtual courses run for the same length of time as the classroom sessions, BUT we recommend breaking up into half-day sessions (with a couple of short breaks).  So, a two- day programme would end up being four (not necessarily) successive half-day sessions.