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Why Learn with Capital City Training?

Our approach to learning and training is consultative and creative – we deal with each client requirement on an individual basis to ensure we deliver the most effective financial training to meet their needs.

Our Course Offerings

Financial Statements Analysis Courses

We offer a comprehensive suite of courses applied to the structure and analysis of financial statements, designed to educate finance professionals at every level. From fundamentals to advanced financial analysis, our curriculum covers all aspects necessary to excel in interpreting financial statements. Delegates will improve their knowledge and interpretation of all aspects of financial statements – whether for credit analysis, investment analysis, valuation, financial modelling or purely being able to understand the jargon and complexities.

Course Modules

  • Accounting Refresher Modules
  • Core Accounting and Analysis
  • Creative Accounting Techniques
  • IFRS Updates
  • Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Leases and IFRS 16

Credit Analysis Courses

Advance your finance career with our Credit Analysis Training Program, designed to immerse professionals into the critical aspects of credit risk evaluation and management.

Our program covers a range of essential topics, from the fundamentals of credit analysis and bank assessment to specialized areas like restructuring and derivatives risk management. With a focus on practical skills and up-to-date theories, our courses provide delegates with the tools needed to analyze and mitigate credit risks effectively.

Course Modules

  • A Structured Approach to Credit Analysis
  • Restructuring
  • Principles of Bank Analysis
  • Managing Credit Risk in Derivatives
  • Credit Early Warning Signs and Exposure Management

Financial Modelling Courses

Designed for professionals seeking to enhance their analytical capabilities, our financial modelling courses cover a range of specialized areas from basic to advanced modelling techniques. Whether you’re involved in mergers and acquisitions, real estate investment, or leveraged buyouts, our trainings equip delegates with the skills to build and interpret complex models with confidence and precision.

Join us to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring you can tackle real-world financial challenges effectively.

Course Modules

  • Best Practice Financial Modelling
  • Advanced Financial Modelling
  • Merger Modelling and Acquisition Capital Structuring
  • Financial Modelling for Real-Estate Investment
  • Property Modelling Master-Class
  • LBO Modelling

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets Courses

This training area offers a deep dive into the critical aspects of corporate finance and capital markets. Enhance your understanding of equity and fixed income markets, discover cutting-edge solutions for bank capital, and develop bespoke client products.

Whether you’re aiming to strengthen client relationships, advise on corporate finance strategies, or analyze market trends, our tailored training prepares delegates to excel in the competitive world of finance.

Course Modules

  • Corporate Finance, Origination and Advisory for Relationship Managers
  • Designing Bank Capital Solutions
  • Equity Capital Markets and Equity Analysis
  • Introduction to Fixed Income
  • Client Product Development
Investment & Wealth Management Courses

Master financial markets with our Investment & Wealth Management Courses. Designed for finance professionals at all levels, our program provides an immersive educational experience that spans the foundational concepts to advanced strategies in investment management. Delegates will strategies to optimize investment portfolios and navigate complex financial markets.

Course Modules

  • Asset Allocation
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Derivatives in Fund Management
  • FX Markets and Products for Wealth
  • Hedge funds in Investment Portfolios
  • Introduction to Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Introduction to Investment Management
  • Lifecycle of a Security
  • Liability Driven Investment (LDI) Workshop
  • Performance Measurement Workshop
  • Structured Products
  • Technical Analysis for Trading
  • Valuation Overview

Markets & Derivatives Courses

Gain an understanding of financial markets and derivatives through our specialized training designed to enhance your understanding and skills. Whether you’re looking to master the intricacies of fixed income, options, and swaps, or to gain a deep dive into capital markets, our curriculum covers all facets of derivatives from operations to risk management.

Course Modules

  • Advanced Fixed Income
  • Advanced Options
  • Advanced Swaps – IRS and Inflation
  • Capital Markets Explained
  • Derivative Operations – Process, Risk and Controls
  • Derivative Operations – Process, Risk and Controls cont’d
  • Derivatives’ Risk and the Move to Central Clearing
  • Fundamentals of Swaps and their Valuation
  • FX Options and Structures
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Interest Rate Products
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Introduction to Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Lifecycle of a Security

Project Finance Courses

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of financing large-scale projects with our specialized Project Finance training courses.

From foundational concepts to advanced techniques in financial modeling and negotiations, our courses are tailored to enhance your understanding and proficiency in project finance.

Course Modules

  • Project Finance Fundamentals
  • Project Finance Modelling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Negotiating Project Documentation
  • Valuation for Equity Analysts

Valuation Courses

Boost your financial expertise and elevate your professional credentials with our Introduction to Company Valuation course. This two-day workshop is designed for finance professionals who aim to master the art of valuing companies, whether for mergers and acquisitions, investment analysis, or financial reporting. Gain a robust understanding of the fundamental concepts and methodologies used in company valuation.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Company Valuation

Interpersonal & Management Skills Courses

Our Interpersonal and Management Skills Courses are designed to empower professionals with the critical leadership and management competencies required for exceptional organizational leadership. These courses focus on refining your interpersonal skills and enhancing your managerial capabilities to lead teams and drive organizational success.

Delegate will engage with arich curriculum that integrates key aspects of leadership, including strategic communication, effective influence, motivational techniques, and change management.

Course Modules

  • Leadership Programmes
  • Communication
  • Influencing and Motivation
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Managing Performance
  • Change Management
  • Team Building
  • Strategy and Visioning

Case Studies

The client is a major international corporate and investment bank.

As part of a change programme to improve penetration of their investment banking and advisory services into their international large-cap clients, CCT designed a programme to cross-train the relationship managers in the relevant areas.

The audience comprises regional team heads and senior RMs. The classroom-based programme uses a series of case studies where the managers are required to spot the opportunity presented by the client’s needs and circumstances and propose the best solution for the client.

The cases span the range of transaction types – syndicated lending; senior; hybrid and convertible bonds; ECM; ratings advisory; acquisition structuring; and leveraged financing. The programme runs globally using regionally tailored case studies.

International Corporate and Investment Bank, Relationship Manager Training

The client is a UK high street bank.

The client was seeking to improve financial analysis skills amongst its assistant relationship manager population, most of whom have come from a retail banking background.

The course covers the basics of integrated financial statements, core risk and value metrics, working capital analysis, the analysis of management information and the use of the Bank’s internal analytical pro formas.

In the course, delegates progressively analyse and contrast a trio of case study companies with varying operating models and performances.

The course has run for the entirety of the bank’s analyst population and is a continuing programme for new and lateral hires.

UK High Street Bank, Analyst Training

The client is a German Landesbank.

The Bank wanted to improve understanding and communication between their Risk and Finance teams around the bank’s very large derivative portfolios.

Using an interdisciplinary team from CCT we developed a programme to explain the derivative structures in terms of their profit and loss dynamics and their risk and accounting profiles.

Critically we looked at the range of risks potentially embedded – cash flow risk, mark to market, credit and “wrong-way round” risk and also the discrepancies that can occur under International Accounting Standards (IAS) between the commercial reality and accounting presentation and tax treatment of profit and losses on derivatives.

German Landesbank, Risk Team Training

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