Designing and innovating is what we do best. Our approach to learning and training is consultative and creative, and we deal with each client requirement on an individual basis to ensure we deliver the most effective financial training to meet their needs.We are very familiar with the key challenges L&D professionals face when putting together learning solutions, particularly finance courses. Our trainers will come up with tailored business training programmes that are cost efficient, interactive, and that supports the minimum time away from your employees’ desk.



A critical factor in ensuring a tailored training course lands well with the audience is making it relevant, topical and interactive. We avoid using generic off-the-shelf material and case studies and we pride ourselves on creating bespoke materials and case studies (and, where possible, using internal case studies to bring everything into context).

What does this mean for the client? When we deliver technical training to your employees, we are able to showcase your firm’s best in class deals and ensure that the training delivered is current and relevant to the business and them.

We thrive on engaging first-hand with the business and working in partnership to run and debrief on real client examples. Delegates gain confidence and obtain a large amount of knowledge from discovering how the business created a solution to real-life client problems and going through a detailed debrief of the problem and solution. This process helps in breaking down the silos and barriers within the organisation and creates a more collaborative, collegiate environment where knowledge sharing and peer to peer learning is paramount.



More clients than ever are recognising the value in incorporating softer skills and behavioural analyses into technical training programmes.

At Capital City Training Ltd, we have a strong trainer faculty that has the ability to blend skills such as teamwork, peer to peer learning, time management, communication and presentation giving throughout the programme through interactive case studies in small groups and various interactive learning interventions. We also boast a team of behavioural training specialists that can deliver soft skills training within standalone modules either at the beginning of the programme, post programme or as individual training modules.



Successful transformation within any company involves not only changing resources and organisation charts but adapting skills and winning the hearts and minds of employees.

We have extensive experience in working with businesses to upskill staff or “reskill” staff as they adapt to change. The success of our approach is demonstrated by the initial impact of our programmes, and in their longevity; many of our change-oriented courses have ended up becoming long-running schemes within the core curriculum.



Our core offering is focused on designing bespoke finance courses that improve technical skills within financial services institutions, including (but not limited) to businesses within the corporate banking, investment banking, global market and fund and wealth management arenas. We are able to run Training Needs Analyses on employees to understand the gaps in their technical knowledge and ensure our course content is tailored to their precise requirements.

Our continued success in this area is down to our strong faculty, our famed partnership approach, our commitment to quality, and our penchant for creating new and innovative case studies that keep our programmes topical and relevant.



Our admin team have extensive experience in managing the end to end logistics and support for big and small business training programmes, from portal management and usage of eLearning modules to general day to day support, including managing sign in sheets.

No request is too big, and we will happily work with you to solve any issue that arises during the design or execution of your tailored finance course.

As part of our pre-programme support package, we have a library of self-study eLearning and webinar modules. Regular testing is included throughout the programme to accurately assess learners’ progress and identify the delegates who may need extra support; we include informal tests in the form of knowledge checks and pop quizzes.

Post programme feedback is increasingly becoming a requirement from clients. We can facilitate both qualitative (attendance, contribution, teamwork, attitude, business acumen) and quantitative (exam/test scores) feedback. This feedback is used to report to line managers as part of graduates development. We work with each client to deliver feedback in the format that meets the requirements.


Case studies

the client is a major international corporate and investment bank. As part of a change programme to improve penetration of their investment banking and advisory services into their international large-cap clients, CCT designed a programme to cross-train the relationship managers in the relevant areas. The audience comprises regional team heads and senior RMs. The classroom- based programme uses a series of case studies where the managers are required to spot the opportunity presented by the client’s needs and circumstances and propose the best solution for the client. The cases span the range of transaction types – syndicated lending; senior; hybrid and convertible bonds; ECM; ratings advisory; acquisition structuring; and leveraged financing. The programme runs globally using regionally tailored case studies.

Relationship manager training

the client is a UK high street bank. The client was seeking to improve financial analysis skills amongst its assistant relationship manager population, most of whom have come from a retail banking background. The course covers the basics of integrated financial statements, core risk and value metrics, working capital analysis, the analysis of management information and the use of the Bank’s internal analytical pro formas. In the course delegates progressively analyse and contrast a trio of case study companies with varying operating models and performances. The course has run for the entirety of the bank’s analyst population and is a continuing programme for new and lateral hires.

Analyst training

The client is a German Landesbank. The Bank wanted to improve understanding and communication between their Risk and Finance teams around the bank’s very large derivative portfolios. Using an interdisciplinary team from CCT we developed a programme to explain the derivative structures in terms of their profit and loss dynamics and their risk and accounting profiles. Critically we looked at the range of risks potentially embedded – cash flow risk, mark to market, credit and “wrong-way round” risk and also the discrepancies that can occur under International Accounting Standards (IAS) between the commercial reality and accounting presentation and tax treatment of profit and losses on derivatives.

Risk Team training

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