With derivatives now being a part of everyday financial exposure to corporates, investors and banks, we have seen an increasing desire for our clients to get their middle and back office teams up to speed with how derivatives are processed. Without this understanding there are gaping holes in knowledge that can mean operational controls are not fully understood.


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Have a practical understanding of how Derivatives are playing an increasingly important role the market by corporates and investors
  • Understand how market participants use derivatives for hedging, to create leverage or synthetic positions and the role that brokers, traders, repositories, clearing houses etc. play in these markets
  • Gain an understanding of the legal risks, valuation issues, changing settlement processes and the role of the Middle Office in managing these complex products

Who should attend?

  • Operations
  • Legal and compliance
  • Risk management
  • IT and software developers
  • Finance and accounting


  • Demystify the derivative markets
  •           – Trade execution on exchange or OTC
              – Margining
              – Brokers reports
              – Give-ups
              – Role of Custodian
              – Synthetic positions

  • ISDA documentation and trade confirmations
  • Valuation and settlement of derivative trades
  • Importance of risk and control
  • Derivatives disasters