Capital City Training Ltd recognises that great organisations are created by great leaders – and we aim to help you develop the great minds of tomorrow by exploring their potential today. Our Learning and Development team design and deliver tailored skills and competency based programmes to meet your wide range of development needs focused in three core areas: leadership, change management and team building.

We develop tools and events to suit your own individual situation. Our leadership training typically includes learner-based or tutor-led programmes, along with simulations and workplace training modules involving practical and realistic tasks relevant to your business.

Whatever your development programme aims, we will work closely with you to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of the management and leadership training modules, techniques and skills required within your business for maximum impact. To achieve this, we will follow our tried-and-tested 5 step plan:

  • 1. Purpose – We’ll establish your business needs and objectives
  • 2. Design and Create – We’ll tailor effective and appropriate learning experiences to meet your needs
  • 3. Development – We’ll ensure continual updating of our leadership programmes so that they remain credible, innovative, relevant and creative
  • 4. Delivery – We’ll provide blended solutions using a variety of learning styles and experiences
  • 5. Evaluation – We’ll assess the achievement of the measurable objectives agreed in stage 1 to determine your return on investment outcome

Who should attend?

Our financial leadership training programmes are suitable for anyone who has set their sights on further professional development to explore higher level leadership roles within their organisation – and anyone you believe has the potential to achieve great things!

Our management and leadership courses

The leadership training courses on offer from our experienced tutors cover a broad spectrum of topics, from improving communication and assertiveness through to building winning relationships and implementing successful organisational change.

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