The concepts of risk analysis and control underpin the work of commercial banks, investment banks and other institutions that manage counterparty credit exposure. Credit methods play a vital role in maintaining a consistent cashflow, which in turn can heavily impact the growth and performance of any business. 

The team at Capital City Training Ltd has many years’ experience in credit analysis, debt structuring and risk mitigation, in both banking and corporate contexts. Our experienced professionals are perfectly placed to deliver comprehensive credit analysis training to delegates who want to learn more about the real-world issues involved in their roles, either online via our industry-leading e-learning platform, or in a more typical classroom environment. 

We believe in tailoring our training to suit specific industry risks, particularly when we are working with teams in the banking, insurance, energy and oil industries. We will also consider the individual needs of your business to determine which department within your organisation will benefit the most from strategic bank credit analysis training. 

Who should attend?

Our bank credit analysis and corporate credit analysis training courses are suitable for anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of current methods and techniques, including:

  • Lenders
  • Traders
  • Research analysts
  • Project managers and financiers
  • Sales staff
  • Administrative personnel

Our credit training courses

The outlines below are examples of our current bank and corporate credit analysis courses. To discuss the development of a tailored course programme that suits your specific educational objectives, contact our team today.

Bank Credit Analysis (Introductory)

The aim of the course is to give delegates a structured and consistent approach and set of tools to allow them to analyse the creditworthiness of banks.
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Corporate Credit Analysis (Introductory)

The overarching aim of the course is to make delegates step back from the detail of day-to-day ratio calculations and the administration of the details of credit to look at the broader macro, industrial and structural issues which together contribute to a company’s credit profile and which define the company’s ability to compete profitably and so define its credit risk.
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Credit Risk in Derivatives (Introductory)

The aim of the module is to help delegates navigate the credit pitfalls which can occur in otherwise straightforward seeming credits and more effectively work with credit sanctioners, specifically…
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