The investment management faculty at Capital City Training Ltd focuses on bringing to life the developments and challenges faced by the global fund management industry.

Our investment banking and wealth management courses – which are typically pitched at new or recent entrant level and middle office managers – emphasise the essential building blocks of finance, such as financial statements, accounting and valuation. They also present a broader view of the international capital markets.

At intermediate and advanced levels, delegates are drawn into the more specialised area of international fund management through courses covering, for example, portfolio construction, attribution analysis issues in benchmarking, product review, investment style considerations and the use of derivatives by investment managers.

Our highly experienced lecturers can also provide tailored training solutions to the rapidly growing field of private wealth management, which focuses more on optimising the overall financial health of an individual or a business. Our wealth management training courses are centered on meeting the needs of the international private client, and talking managers through the various products and wealth-preserving techniques used to achieve distinct goals; they also provide insights into the selling and negotiating skills required by the sales force.

Who should attend?

These programmes are specifically developed to enhance the skills and knowledge of:

  • Investment managers
  • Investment bankers
  • Equity fund managers
  • Hedge fund managers

Our investment and wealth management courses

From private equity training, venture capital training and fund management training through to
asset allocation and wider portfolio management, our programmes offer something for everyone.
Browse our full list of investment management and wealth management courses below or contact
Capital City Training Ltd to discuss your requirements in more detail and request a proposal for a
bespoke professional development strategy. Training can be delivered in person, in group
settings, or online.

Advanced Swaps – IRS and Inflation (Advanced)

This half-day workshop is designed to provide an in-depth explanation of the structure of swaps contracts, their pricing and how they are used in LDI.
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Advanced Valuation for Equity Fund Managers (Advanced)

This course is designed for front office equity fund managers and assistants with some existing experience of forecasting and valuation.
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Best Practice Financial Modelling (Foundation/Intermediate)

This programme will train delegates in the skills of robust model building. The programme assumes basic competency in Excel and accounting. E-learning, webinars or face-to-face training can cover any gaps.
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Core Financial Statement Analysis (Foundation)

The course aims to teach delegates how to analyse and interpret company accounts. Beginning with fundamental accounting concepts the course explains what the entries in the accounts mean in commercial and practical terms and how the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow are linked and interact.
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Developing a Credit Rationale (Foundation)

The overarching aim of the course is to make delegates step back from the detail of day to day ratio calculations and the administration of the details of credit to look at the broader macro, industrial and structural issues which together contribute to a company’s credit profile and which define the company’s ability to compete profitably and so define its credit risk.
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Fixed Income Foundation (Foundation)

This half-day course is designed to provide a fast-track introduction to fixed income products and investment principles.
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Introduction to Hedge Funds (Foundation)

This half-day workshop is designed to provide a fast-track understanding of the nature of hedge funds, the structure of the industry and common investment strategies.
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Introduction to Derivatives (Foundation)

This workshop is designed to provide a fast-track introduction to the main derivative contracts and their uses by investment managers.
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Introduction to Investment Management (Foundation)

This one-day course is designed to unlock the mystery surrounding the investment industry.
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Swaps and LDI Workshop (Foundation)

This half-day workshop has been designed to provide an overview of fixed income products, including different types of swaps and their applications within LDI strategies.
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Practical Portfolio Management – Asset Allocation and Overcoming Behavioural Biases

Wealth clients can be lazy and / or stubborn, or just simply naïve in their investment strategy. Cognitive and emotional biases such as domestic ‘safety’, reference dependence, over-confidence, or fear of volatility (loss aversion) can lead to some serious misallocation of assets and lead to increased portfolio risk.
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