Cut the jargon, get some sense on the finances, make informed decisions. 

These three phrases summarise the key learning outcomes of this program.  Firstly, it aims to make sense of financial jargon, picking out key terms – and then, of course, showing you the application and relevance in an applied context. It also aims to link financial performance to business operations and make sense of how numbers are presented in Income statements, other “P&L” summaries, cash flow statements and balance sheets. The key learning outcome is understanding the relationship between them and what really matters when it comes to performance analysis and decision making. 

We also explore how and why management accounts as well as financial accounts are prepared, and how you can make informed, value-added financial decisions that speak the language of the finance-people and business leaders. Have you ever wondered how businesses are valued? Understand that, and you will see why financial information presents the clues and information that matter to shareholders and directors.