This program is for delegates who use, review or build financial models but are perhaps self-taught. The only pre-requisites are the Excel Skills for modelling if new to Excel, and /or the Introduction to Accounting and Analysis which will ensure you know the links between financial statements and understand the concepts of working capital, depreciation,

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Devices and data

The videos stream real-time, so you will be required access to a good data network or broadband / Wi-Fi network.  Videos compatible on Android and iOS Excel 2010 onwards for Exercises compatibility.

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Course Modules

1. Introduction and Golden Rules of Model design – Setting the scene and what the model will look like. 2. Recasting the accounts – A review of how financial statements might need to be re-cast to make them usable in a model. A downloadable exercise will use Excel tools and functions such as Data Validation

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Course includes

Videos – 38 videos each of 10-15 minutes long to allow flexible learning in YOUR timeframe Exercises and models – the completed forecast model is downloadable in 8 different stages of completion so you can see section by section, with the tutor, how the model builds. Solutions – solution files plus video debrief from your

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