Types of Assets in Finance

Types of Assets in Finance In the world of finance and accounting, assets play a crucial role in determining the financial health and value of an organisation. Assets are the resources controlled by a company and they are usually 100% owned but need not be!  There are many different categories of assets -

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Guide to Financial Statements

Guide to Financial Statements Financial Statements are the single most valuable source of financial information on a business – providing valuable insights into a company's financial health and performance. As a manager, investor, shareholder, employee, supplier, customer, government, or a creditor, having the ability to analyse and interpret financial statements is a critical

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Variable Costs Explained: Definitions, Formulas and Examples

Variable costs represent a critical component of financial analysis and business decision making. By understanding how to calculate and analyse variable costs, companies can properly budget, price products and services competitively, and comprehend their cost structure. What is a Variable Cost? A Variable Cost is a corporate expense that changes in proportion with activity -

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