Course Modules

Module 1 - Financial Accounts – an overview of the accounting information relevant to finance and financial analysis. Why it is useful and where it falls short.  We review the structure and content of the P&L and see how it builds with an Excel-based downloadable exercise.  Module 2 - Ratios and Key Terms - his

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Course includes

Videos – 51 videos each of 10-15 minutes long to allow flexible learning in YOUR timeframe Exercises – 14 downloadable Excel exercises Solutions – solution files plus video debrief from your experienced tutor Learning management – access to a dashboard, summarising your progress and providing learning access Certificate of Completion – CCT is an accredited

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This program is for non-finance mangers and so no prior finance knowledge is required.  However, you must have a passion and desire to want to better yourself and get noticed for your financial acumen!

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Devices and data

The videos stream realtime, so you will be required access to a good data network or broadband / Wifi network.  Videos compatible on Android and iOS Excel 2010 onwards for Exercises compatibility. 

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About this course

Cut the jargon, get some sense on the finances, make informed decisions.  These three phrases summarise the key learning outcomes of this program.  Firstly, it aims to make sense of financial jargon, picking out key terms – and then, of course, showing you the application and relevance in an applied context. It also aims to

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